8 Reasons to Attend the Last Tax Seminar

8 Reasons to Attend the Last Tax Seminar

LINK to Invitation

There are many reasons for you to be at our FREE tax seminar. Read below to see the best reasons to attend. Click the link above for the flyer invitation with links to RSVP.

  1. You missed the previous seminar
  2. Learn how the IRS views “reasonable compensation” and how it impacts your business
  3. Learn tax planning tips for maximizing your 199A credit that MUST be taken by the end of 2018
  4. Learn how your entity selection (C Corp, S Corp, Partnership, Sole Proprietor) impacts your deductions
  5. Learn how your non business income impacts your 199A deduction
  6. Find out if you qualify to report as a cash method filer
  7. FREE Lunch
  8. Fun with the AFairchild, PC team and Frost bank


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